Thursday, January 17, 2008

What The Hell Is Happening To You?

You guys know what am i talking about?
Maybe or most of you guys having this problems within these few days.
  • Cannot log in to Window Live / MSN Messenger
  • Facing the lagging problems in your connection, games, surfing.
  • Take a freaking long time just to load a blog.
  • Lagging while shouting @ ShoutOut
  • Slow down on company's work.
So who should we blame?
I guess nothing else than the stupid Streamyx.
Yeah, the stupid Streamyx is making everyone's life miserable.
When can Streamyx stable? I think this is a sensitive issue.

Streamyx, let me tell you something.
  • 1st, i would like to congratulations to you, because you are getting successful of becoming Stimyx and Slowmyx. No one else can beat u with the 2 awards
  • 2nd, for my opinion, i guess most or the people will rather choose Maxis/ Digi/ Celcom Broadband rather than YOU! Although their speed is slow, i think it would be better compare to the Streamyx now.
  • 3rd, DON'T STUPID CUT OFF MY LINE!!! This is so stupid!!!!! i paid the bills and what you mean by cutting off my connection! Damn You!
Ok, now let my readers comment about Streamyx.
You may leave some comments if you wanna scold about Streamyx/Slowmyx/Stimyx.
Or you can scold me too if you Super Hate Me Scolding Streamyx

1 comment:

J.L said...

Seriously, streamyx is the most **** service ever.

Money minded. Just pay the bill 1-2 day late cut my line away. But when i can't get the connection 3-4 days. Their never deduct the money.