Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cheese Cake!!!!!

I baked another cheese cake today and brought to college to share with my lecturer and my classmates.
Sherlyn and Ralph is a part of them.
Baking is in da process!
Cake is done!
Now 2 of you better leave me some comments and tell me what is the taste!!!!!
The rest of my classmates looks so unwilling to eat.

After that i went to night market @ Farlim.
I found this.
It is Ah Ralph's T-shirt!
Very very cheap!
They are there lelong-lelong-ing.
i think it is only RM10 per shirt if i am not mistaken.
Better head to night market for more!


SilverIsle said...

I want to learn how to bake too! Can't wait to do it when I go to Australia. Hehe.

Satkuru said...

wah se, cheesecake some more. ganas. the shirt is blank shirt or with pattern ?

Chuckie Cotton said...

Cheese cake..I'm craving!!!

Come Farlim pasar malam, didn't call me...tht pasar malam vr vr near my house u noe?

Pike-chan said...

wow~~ looks nice~~~ share share the recipe, keke