Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy Birthday To Pip Da Poper [Pippo]

Last night watch [House] with Pippo, Minny, Benjipapa, Willazz, and Minny's friends.
For me, the movie is quite ok.
I just don't understand what are they talking about,
Cause it is a Thailand horror movie.
After that we went to Hot Wok again for supper.
Met up with Chee Hsien too.
We are there watching Transfomer and I Am Legend too.
Besides that, Look at this!
It is Pippo's Birthday! She looks so leng lui!
You know what is that "CAKE"It is "YAM CAKE!"

Sweet Sweet Couple, Birthday Gift from her Boyfriend, Jealousnya!!!!
Watch the video then you will know what is it.


SilverIsle said...

Haha. You guys damn bad. Forced people to kiss.

JJ Jason said...

SilverIsle, U better ask Minny about this.
She is the one who suggested that, Lol

Pippo said...

fulamak! oh my goshhhhhhhhh ahhahaha thanksssssssssssssss