Friday, January 4, 2008

Judge You As Lazy?

This is what I have just heard from my boss.
He said that i am lazy, therefore, my salary got cut.
This year i have been cancel all my dates just to work,
included celebrating Christmas Eve and New Year Eve.
He didn't see me means i am lazy? What the fuck is that?
And this is what i have got?
What is the point? I have to go work for the whole day like my two brothers?
They can do it, because they don't have to work or study!
But not me! i have to study, attend classes, and even help my dad.
For this, I say NO WAY!
I want to get a new job for myself, anyone help me?
If i couldn't get one, I probably will go back to Levi's and face that "Roti Face Aunty Boss"
Anyone suggest me to work where?
I need a part time job.
Everyday except Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, i got classes.
I am so pissed off.

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