Friday, January 25, 2008

Superlicious English

Sorry for not updating my blog these few days.
But please don't blame me.
I guess a lot of you having these problems too.
I cant sign in to my blogger account and update blog.
What i can do for these few days is playing online game and finish my assignment to full fill my time.
Now i am back online and hope that the stupid Streamyx will not going crazy anymore.
Have you seen these types of banner?
What is this mean?
And this?
Lol, how about this?And this?And also this!

"Laugh die me"
If you guys wanna laugh more, please visit this post by GoodBoyGoneBad
He will show you the best monster.


J's said...

aiyo really laught die me lo...haha super funny!!!hahaahhahahahaahahahahhhaha

Pike-chan said...

hahahahahahha... really funny la..

NIL NIL said...

omygosh...that's pathetic translation...

NIL NIL said...
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