Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Stupid Car Broken Down

It is 3.45p.m. and i got class at 4.
it has been a period since last time i drive my mum's old car.
So i thought i should just take some ride.
When i am on the way to college,this stupid broken down.
I have to walk all the way to college and leave it there,
cause i already late for the class and i cannot skip anymore.
The stupid tyre is broken!
Called my sister, ended up scolded by here.
At the end i scold back her and hung up.
Then when i reached college, i call the mechanic to repair it.
By the way, i got some picture while i was walking.
Updating blog from college, so i will post it up later when i am home.
And i have used my debit card to pay fees, first time
The night before that I went to meet up with YapKevin after class,
too bad it is raining and i have to stop at roadside to avoid from the rain.
Heavy RainSoon there is someone came and accompany me, lol
Off to class now,

Stupid cibai car



muahahahaaa!!! aiyoo cool down man:)

SaeWei said...

Luckily you are alright ok...

JJ Jason said...

Aron, stupid old car lar =.="
SaeWei, ya hor, luckily i am alright,
but not the tayar pancit also,
it is the outer surface of the tayar pecah =.="
1st time hear this.