Sunday, January 20, 2008

Went To Hair Salon Again

This is my another hair cut on this month.
This time, i cut it short, and feel that it is very comfortable and looks nice.
Went to Theatre Hair Dressing with my sister this afternoon.
Let's just look at some new pictures.
My sister doing something with the machine
Then some of my "SS' pictures

If you think i am ugly, please just ignore this post.
And i tell u!
Give me some comments about my hair!!!!!


aL said...

so niceeee!!!

who dare say ugly i go sihamfied kan her/him!


SaeWei said...

aL.. relax a bit can? hahaha

Yup.. Shorter is definitely cuter.. good good.. Eh you memang syok sendiri to the max lar... -__-"

Pike-chan said...

ooohhh.. looks good oh... not bad....

Chee Ching said...

Haha, so cute. More to nerd abit. XD

Satkuru said...

hahahaha chingy so bad >_<"

Dexter said...

ya lor... always see u short hair wan lor... but nice also wor...

next time try put longer a little n see how u look.. hehe