Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Year Shopping?

Chinese New Year is coming very soon.
Most of the Chinese in Malaysia will shopping like crazy every year.

1st, the new year decoration is a must!

People usually will buy lantern, colourful light, stickers, etc...

2nd, new year cookies, can foods, seafoods, steamboat.

That is why hypermarket are doing promotion and sales this recently, and i am going there for few times every week.

3rd, new clothes, new bed sheets, new hairstyle, new undies!

Everywhere are doing promotions, discounts, and even some hair salon raised up the price.

4th, clean up your untidy houses, rooms, private hairs.
Everything is untidy means you have to clean up!

5th, ready to take / give out "ang pow"
Let's get ready for some pocket money!

I've done few task.
1. new shirts
2. new pants
3. new undies
4. clean up untidy room
5. new year decoration
6. new shoes
Now, how about you?

1 comment:

TZ said...

Hello, I'm TZ... I dropped by your blog via Weird Weird Daniel.

Wow! you have so much checklist to fulfill before chinese New year. I bet this will keep you busy eh!

For me i'm going to hit Mid Valley later tonite. If i lucky i will some new shirts, otherwise will just pull something from my existing closet.

Awesome shoe you have bought... I don't think i will buy any underwear as i just bought some new one during X'mas.