Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cute Puppies!

My sister brought Sugar & Max to Dog's Hair Salon today.
Then i went to fetch them.
I spot so so so many cute puppies!
Let's have some look at these!
Warning! A lot a lot of dogs' pictures ahead!
I don't really know about their breed, but i have asked about the price.
1st: A Little Naughty - RM1100 [with certificate]
2nd: A Little Cute Angel - RM850[without certificate]3rd: Too Hyperactive Devil - RM1600 [with certificate]
4th: Sensitive Freak - RM800[without certificate]5th: Super Blur King - RM1600[with certificate]
6th: Goldfish Pug - Details [unknown]
7th: Name -Angel[shop owner's dog] too bad the picture is blur, she is so so so cuteOh Gosh!!!!!
I almost gone crazy at there!!!!!
All of them are so cute and adorable!!!!!!
Now, let's see some pictures that i edited.Wanna see Sugar & Max?
Next post ok? i afraid that i will get any complain again.
Stay Tuned!


Lasker said...

So cute la .. beh tahan nia.
I want the white one .. huwah.

Chee Ching said...


Someone please adopt them >_<

RuRu Jane~ said...

OMG!!!! cant wait to see your Sugar and Max!!! xD

Satkuru said...

the invasion of dogs :P

ToMCaT said...

The dogs are cute, but yet closing in the cage. What a pity...

SilverIsle said...


All the dogs are superly duperly cute can. XD