Friday, January 25, 2008

It Is All About Festival

I went to the Thaipusam celebration last 2 days.
Nothing special about my words, let's just enjoy the pictures.
Warning! Please leave if you scare of blood and scary scenes!
Thaipusam is not wonderful without some colourful KavadiThis is scaryThis is so cool! carry the whole table, can you imagine the weight?
You can see people are helping him to hold the Kavadi while he is restingI spot a "Cool" fellaThis is cool!Ouch!This is huge!!!!!!!By The Way, I am not alone of course, Surprise!
From the left, My Brother's Friend, My Brother, My SisterDigi doing their promotionThen we reached the top
I cam whore with my brotherThen they slowly taking off those "needles"Other people tooThis guy cant stop bleedingThen we walk off and back to our home.
The rest are some random pictures
They do these for free!
This is what people always doWhile the Trash Can is kinda empty
If you are not enough of the pictures, please click on these videos too.
This is to show you how they dance.

Coming up next:
We play with coconuts at night.


J's said...

aiyo,apa lu er brother doing?he so...dono wat to say...

aL said...

you mean coconuts like kenny sia's?!