Friday, January 11, 2008

New Year Cookies

Chinese New Year is coming soon.
Not even a month, from today, it is only 27days left.
Anyone got buy new year cookies every year?
Why don't try to look at all these?
This is opening for orders, expiry date is 20 of January[confirmed]
Let's take a look
Almond Bakes 杏仁饼 - RM17
Pineapple Tart 黄梨酥 - RM17
London Almond Chocolate Bakes 伦敦巧克力饼 - RM17
Cashew Nuts Bakes 腰豆饼 - RM17
Cashew Nut Chocolate Cup 腰豆巧克力杯 - RM16
Peanut Bakes 花生饼 - RM16
Coffee Coconut Bakes 香椰咖啡饼 - RM16
Almond Chocolate Cup 杏仁巧克力饼 - RM16
Smarties Colourful Bakes 彩色巧克力饼 - RM16
Cornflakes Bakes 香脆玉米饼 - RM16"Kuih Bang Kek" this is what people named itRM15
Small Bottle Peanut Bakes - RM15I personally recommend
  • London Almond Chocolate Bakes
  • Peanut Bakes
  • Pineapple Tart
  • Cornflakes Bakes
  • Cashew Nuts Bakes
  • Almond Bakes
Wanna order? contact me through here.
You can leave comment here, or my cbox.
You can contact me through my email.
Only available in Penang Island, no delivery.
Order Closed!


Genova said...

nice cookies...i likey

SilverIsle said...

OMG. I so wanna eat before I leave to overseas. T_T

If wanna order need to let you know how many days in advance? Or immediately got stock one? I'll let you know when I happen to go Penang. =P

angelinemiss said...

wei... i wanna book.... itu smartie geh.. how to get from you n how to pay you? yumyum~ anyway.. TAKADA DISCOUNT KER? HAAKS!!!

angelinemiss said...

anyway.. i'll reconfirm with u laterl a.. muakssss