Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Air Force One! Charles Barkley Collection

This is continue from my previous post.
This is what i own now.
The Paper BagThe BoxThe CertificateFinally, The Shoes!More!And More!
U guys should take a look at aL's too.
We bought at the same time and the name of both shoes are same!
Expensive but worth it!
By the way,
I got my new hair cute.
Super Short now.
Looks fat and fugly now.
Coming up next!
Pet Shop Marathon!
Remember to come back!


carmenata said...

hahaha wow show certificate some more! said...

aL's one is Air Short One
yours is Air Cheap One! XD teehee :D

JJ Jason said...

Carmen, 1st time buy branded things must like this.

Chau Vingie ar!
U Air Smelly ONE!