Sunday, March 30, 2008

One Day Trip @ Sitiawan

Woke up around 9 and went to my dad's shop.
His friend is there and having their breakfast,
they saw me and asked whether wanna follow them to Sitiawan or not?
I said: YES!
Quickly rush back to my home and bath, change, then departed!
On The Way
A Small Stall In the Rest Station
[the things sucks and expensive]
Vain a bit
Love this one
Nice WeatherI See Pulau PangkorCute Bus Station
Empty House
Time for lunch!
my stomach super noisyThings in the restaurant
Super HUGE Fish HeadBak Kut Teh!In case you don't know the sizeThe WingAfter 15minutes
Actually this trip is to check their birds' houses.
My dad's friend is doing Bird Nest business. Legal one ok?!
There are total 18 Locks
I found one!
The birds' feather
Those computer systemThe speaker to attract those birdsSurround sounds
Time to go home! Cloudy
Mini Petrol Station
Home Sweet Home.
I am darn tired!

Something is coming up tomorrow!


William said...

Didn't know the bird's nest business is so high tech!

JJ Jason said...

William, i also never expect them,
until i see it.