Sunday, March 23, 2008

Something Interesting

My friend sent me this picture to my Facebook.
Time to share some good things.
Listen, this is very interesting.
Look at this picture.
Then focus on the middle black dot.
About 10 seconds, you will have the answer.
Now, leave some comments.
Amazing is it?


Lasker said...

Eh eh .. the colors disappeared wor .. is that it?
If you move your head back and forth towards the picture, it will have nice color streaks :)

TZ said...

The color is not as colorful as i move my head nearer to the screen...

JJ Jason said...

Lasker u got it.
but not the 2nd one.
TZ, u are wrong lar.
Focus on the dot.
then you will see the colour slowly gone from the picture.

Pike-chan said...

hahahahaha... they jz disappeared! cool!

JJ Jason said...

Pikey, yes u are right! XD