Saturday, March 29, 2008

Support Earth Hour!

I guess many of you did received messages from friends or relatives that we should shut off our electricity on 8pm to 9pm today.
It is a project that to let our world rest for one hour.
Kindly visit This Site for more info!
We can make a different!
Why don't we just support?
Tell your friends or relatives about this.
We should aware that our earth is in danger.
Too much of pollution cause our earth sick.
Take you step now!


William said...

Oh shit... it's Earth Hour?! And here I am posting this comment. Time to turn off the lappie!

JJ Jason said...

u missed it.

levian said...

8-9pm ?? won't the house be in pitch dark then ?? *puzzled*

JJ Jason said...

Levian, i am not sure,
but i didnt switch on my pc at that time only,