Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Birthday To My Sayang!

This is a post about someone that i appreciate.
From the day i know her until the end of my life.
Someone that i really called friend.
Although she is smallAnd she always looks blur
Sometimes she will feel emo.
She is a dog lover
She play paintballShe play badmintonShe is cute!
She is our LOVELY ALI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the link to her blog
I will treasure u as my friend, FOREVER!
I am happy that i met you!
Happy Birthday!


aL said...

eh sayang!!! hahahahahahaa!

yerh. you and ced. make me teared in the office nia!

thank you thank you!!! :)

JJ Jason said...

aL sayang.
I am glad that you are happy!