Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Spiderwick Chronicles

I've watch this movie with my cousins just now.
Thumbs up for this movie!
No movie spoiler!
Better go and watch them now!
Especially the ending will make you laugh out loud!

Today i wanna introduce everyone to a new online game that released in Malaysia this recently.
Cabal Online
Low Requirement, nice graphic.
They simplified everything in the game.
Although it is a bit complicated for those beginner,
but they will get use to it very soon.
Give it a try to this new game.
All the quest and experience are waiting for you!


aL said...

cibai online XD

JJ Jason said...

Aiyer Sayang you dont teach me bad words lar.
I very innocent one you know?

Anonymous said...

Spiderwick is not bad... I see already too... found it a little childish though... reminds me a little of the story of "Arthur and the Minimoys" and a lot of other magic world in your backyard type movies.