Sunday, March 9, 2008


YES! finally!
My blog reached 10,000 visitor!
I don't know since when, but i think is long long time ago.
Maybe you can say it is so few for certain pro bloggers.
But i am just a small one, what can you expect?
Anyway, thanks to all my readers!
Thanks to all the shouters and bloggers!
And all my friends who support me and those who doesn't!I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!


Pike-chan said...

congrats to u on this achievement !

TZ said...

Dude! congratulation! I'm looking forward to achieve mine... :-> My blog is one year old now. Just celebrated birthday last Saturday ;-p

JJ Jason said...

TZ, thanks!
but my blog not yet one year old.
Pikey, thanks!
it wont be success and reach that target with all of you guys' help!

aL said...

congrats sayang!

JJ Jason said...

Thanks sayang!
Without ur support i cannot reach that target also!