Friday, March 21, 2008

I Am Back!

Sorry guys for not updating and went missing for few days.
But i am sick so no one can blame me.
This is what i got yesterday.
Got a call from Cedric.
He asked: wei, si liao bui? lu sit chong khi tok lok?
[died already or not? where did you went missing?]
a sms from aL and i called her back.
She asked me where am i, and i answered "died"
Then she asked whether i am calling from hell, and i said yes.
I said i want her to come down and accompany me some more.
End of story
I am now telling you guys that i am back and don't curse me anymore!
Bringing back a funny clip too.

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Thank you and enjoy the "Ken Lee" song


TZ said...

You were sick... me too. I'm recovering right now from a running nose.

Pike-chan said...

hahahahah.... this is the 2nd time i watch it and it's still very funny, hahaha

JJ Jason said...

TZ, i got a high fever.
sometimes still feeling unwell.
Pikey, that was so so so so funny!