Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lost My Virginity To A Nurse

I got poked by a nurse.
Bleed a lot.
It is pain.
I am exhausted after that.
Hey what do you think!
Don't be so dirty minded!
I donate my blood only, that's it!
Due to my brother's friend's is sister sort of blood and she need it urgently.
So this morning, me, my brother and his friend went to hospital and donated our bloods to her.
The hospital that i went to

I have an itchy hand,
I took a lot of pictures there.
Keep Quiet!!!!
The room where i am going to
Then i got called by them.
They have to test my blood before they want it.
Checking my blood pressure.
The result
The nurse said it is a bit higher but never mind
because i am just nervous for the first time blood donation.
Then she poked the needle into my left hand and took a small bottle of bloods.
I have to wait at outside before they call me again.
My left hand
Then my brother and his friends have to take some blood for test too.
Funny thing is, we have to fill in the form before we donate blood.
The 1st question is: Do you feel well today?
Then i tick on the box [YES].
But the following question i ticked all [YES].
You got any sickness for the last 1 week? [YES]
Are you HIV positive?[YES]
Are you Hypotitis A / B/ C? [YES]
Oh My God i ticked all wrongly!!!!! Shameful!

Then they called us again.
3 of us went in again and sleep on the bed and the nurse start their job.
1st, the nurse use some medicine and wet cloth wipe my right hand.
Then she spray something which is very cold on my hand!
Then she asked me to hold a ball and then she tie my right hand.
After that, she took out the HUGE needle[I almost faint looking at the needle] and poked it into my right hand!
my blood is coming out from the wound and go to the blood bag through the needle pipe.
Let's look at some pictures and a 30seconds short video clip.
My right hand and my blood
My brother's friend
My brother, he looks so relax
My blood
I asked my brother to take a picture of me
Then the nurse stick a plaster to my wound
A short clip

Did you donate blood?

2 comments: said...

aisehman!! so brave ah u!!!

TZ said...

wow! you are brave and good citizen :-> Helping others with your blood...

If the blood receivers know your answer to those questions... the person will start panicking... LoL :-p