Sunday, March 16, 2008

Welcome New Family mMmber

My dad's friend brought us another new family member.
It is a Poodle!
So cute!
Let's welcome Ah Ya to our family.Still the previous Sugar togetherThis is a short video clip about 2 of them having fun


~~::Wendy::~~ said...

it's so cute
i oso wan!!!!

TZ said...

your two cuties did not pee on the bed ah? ;-p

Pike-chan said...

hahahaha.. both of them are so cute...

SaeWei said...

What's this????????????? How come no one gave me any nice dogs eh????

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


JJ Jason said...

Wendy, go buy =P
TZ, they wont, trained =)
Pikey, how bout yours?
SaeWei, u dream =P
HomeTheater, no advertisment thanks =)
Gladiezzzzz!!!!! YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!