Saturday, March 29, 2008

How Can I Sleep Better?

This recently i cannot sleep well.
This make me feel so tired and sleepless everyday.
First, my neck and my body is pain due to sleepless night.
I suspect that my pillow is the one who caused all these.
Second, Sugar always grab my place and don't let me sleep in my own place.
=___=" WTH?!
Third, i am becoming a Panda.
Look at my own reflection from the mirror.
My dark orbit getting more and more darker.

Who can help me?!!!!
Who are facing these kind of problems too?
Can share some of your opinions?
I need some assistant!!!!


9PEK9BO said...

All of 3 of us here are having the same sleep problem lately. It's the hot weather (usually around Cheng Beng time) cum those fried stuffs we ate.

The only way I guess is to cool our body temperature...cold showers as many times as possible..even it's 3am in the morning.

Anonymous said...

yea...take a bath..refresh yourself..and you will have a good sleep...

Sendo said...

better go for a doctor hehe

JJ Jason said...

Mr. Ernst.
The stupid weather caused this.
This recently people cheng beng all burning the papers also.
Thanks for the advice =)
Sendzki, wow, find you ninja can? XD