Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Back To College Life

New semester, New subjects, New Timetable. New Me.
This is my new timetable. This semester will be 3 days class.

12pm - 2pm Practices Of Management
4pm - 5pm Principles Of Marketing
6.30pm - 8pm Basic Entrepreneur

11am - 1pm Principles Of Marketing
4pm - 5pm Practices Of Management
6.30pm - 8pm Basic Entrepreneur
8pm - 9.30pm Elementary Accounting

7pm - 9.30pm Elementary Accounting

So Tuesday's Classes will be killing me.
Yesterday was my first time attending night class, it is from 8pm to 9.30pm.
The whole college was so dark and so creepy ok?
It exactly looks like a haunted building, kinda scary.
Some more there is no one left except my whole class, and even my lecturer also scare ok?
Will be facing new lecturer, Ms. Ooi and Mr's Toh
And my lecturer that taught me in my prepatory classes, Danny Chen.
Emily call him huang chu, lolz.

Wish me luck in this new semester.
P.S : Account is killing me.


millymin said...

EMILY call wan..hahahah huan choooo!!!!

JJ Jason said...

Emily, he really looks like huang choo mah, lolz