Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday Blues But Yeah!!!!!!!

Have to face those boring classes again? nahhhh!!!!!!! sleepy!!!!!!!
Stupid college, time table changed again.
The class today until 2pm. Bored to the max!
But after the class, hang around Prangin Mall, then went to World of Comics.
Saw Michie, Gillian and Michelle the twins, cannot recognize Gillian and Michelle, sorry~!
Quite happy to met u guys, next time cam whore OK?
Oh My God!!!! I met my MOST LOVE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AAARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I am waiting for so long already!!!!!
Harry Potter I ♥ U!
The Mandarin version divided into 2 books, so that the book wont be so thick.
I bought them @ RM24 only, obviously not original one.
Cheapskate people what?

Principles of Marketing class was kinda enjoying and relaxing, i like the way my lecturer gives his lectures.
Basic Entrepreneur class, as you will know how bored I am by looking at the picture below.
Maybe you can click it, enlarge it, and read it.
The paper is full of the alphabets Z


Jason Leingod said...

Oh, u also Harry Potter fanz ka? Got see all the movies r?

The J said...

I hate Monday.. >.<||



i see ZZZZ i wanna sleep!!! hehehehe

JJ Jason said...

Itchytaka, i am harry potter super fan! LOL
Jason, now no more monday blue. kaka
Aron, too bored in the class mah