Saturday, November 10, 2007


It was the last day of the lunar month.
Usually those shops owner will cook or buy and pray.
So do my family.
I cooked two dishes for mom.
Fried Bee Hoon
Fry Fry

The rest I let my mom cook herself.
Then i receive a letter from Public Bank, and i already know what is the content.
I got my Debit Card Number!!!!! WHEEE~~~~
And soon I will start doing PPP, maybe.
The letter ask me to bank in RM25 before i start using it.

At night, went to Gurney Seaside take a walk.
Bought a cup of Java Chip Frappucino @ StarBuck Coffee too.
Drank half already :P
The price raised i guess. RM16something for a large one.
Rarely can drink StarBuck already!!!!


carmenata said...

Wah you can cook?! Not bad. xD

Dexter said...

haha... same as me wan ler...

always like fry fry things wan...

fried rice, fried mee, fried pasta..

fry here anf there...

but hor... must drink lots of water also lor... coz fry fry too much not good also mar... :P

Anonymous said...

yo..congrad you get ur debit card...can do alot thing online already... happy blogging

SaeWei said...

alamak!!!! when you send them the form yah?? I still havent got mine... :S

conan_cat said...

wah, starbucks wor... i beore the price rise i also never drink much haha... very very seldom will go starbucks lor. and rm16 really expensive oh @__o sakitnya...

so gwai chai cook for ur mom! :D i dunno how to cook de haha...

JJ Jason said...

Carmen, i learned it from my mom ^^
Dexxie, u always fry fry also lah, same to u, drink more water and take care, the weather is so so bad.
Calvyn, i still havent bank in the RM25, no money T_T
Saewei, mine only waited for 2 weeks lehz, =.=? try call them and ask.
Conan, long time never go there already, that day siok so i went there lor. Rarely go there also.