Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Stupid Car Broken Down

Yesterday was out with mom, went to recycle center to clear all our rubbish.
We go for 2 rounds.
But... when we are doing home, I start the car.
*CHIAK* nothing happen, then i do it again. *CHIAK* nothing happen too.
That stupid car broken down!!!!!!!!! Therefore, me and my mom got stuck at the recycle center.
For almost one hour time, the mechanical finally reached.
While waiting, my hand kinda itchy, snaps few picture of there.
When you give a good price, people will come to u.
Can you manage to get out from the *mountain*?
My stupid car, that is it.
Don't know what is wrong with it
Have to re-sit for IT and English paper this Thursday and Friday.
Wish me luck.
P.S : some stories coming soon.

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