Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bad Movie But Nice Foods

Went to Gurney Plaza and watched The Last Breathe, Korean horror movie.
Sorry, but that movie really makes me catch no ball.
I totally blur about what are they acting about.
At the end of the movie, 2 words to describe how i feel. "BLUR BLUR"
After that, planned to find Benjipapa for dinner, too bad he went home earlier.
At night, went to Night Market @ Farlim.
Gosh, let me tell you guys what i have eaten.
Tako Ball, Fried Chicken, Pan Cake, Lok Lok.
Drank Herbal Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea, Sugar Cane.
It is so so so FULL!!!!! After few months i never been to there.
Wednesday was suppose to have night class.
Because of exam week, all the class was canceled.
All the delicious foods, i will miss you all. T_T
By the way, I am waiting for something to appear in Gurney Plaza.
It is on 29th of November, Don't know?
Let's see this post from Imin
Guess i will be there after tomorrow's exam, maybe.

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