Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday Blue But Yeah Again

Woke up at 10something, but my body is calling me to back to my bed and continue sleep.
At the end, my spirit won this match.
I woke up, bathed, then went to 11am class.
Today's class kinda enjoy, but i am damn sleepy and tired.
Last night was reading Harry Potter until 3something in the morning.
Lunch time, went to my aunt's house.
Found something special, have you guys seen a egg that the shape is round?
Cute isn't it?
X pax doing promotion in the college, we just have to register and we can get a free SIM card.
i met Emily, her sister, and her sister's boyfriend in the college, then we all went to registered and got ourselves a new SIM card.
I got a Hotlink number and a Digi number but i never try Celcom, now i have the chance.
Let's see how it works, then i will share my opinion.
We have to photostat our I.C
I got my SIM pack
And this is something happy now.

I finish the 2 book within 2 days.


levian said...

2 books in 2 days !! wow that's amazing. you rock !! ;)

The J said...

Ya.. So terror.. 2 entire BOOKS!!!.. Cool dude!.. =D

I cant even finish ONE book in few months time!.. haha~


Pike-chan said...

eh... u still got 6 more harry potter stories to go la... kekeke

dorkzter said...

i stil havent finished my hary potter 6. ive already been reading it for like a week and i only managed to finish about 7 chapters. phew! i was im not that busy to finish reading it . hehe. nway that egg looks really cute. havent seen one like it yet. :D bloghopping :D

Dexter said...

i also just finish watching harry porter last movie today nia... hehe... lazy wanna read the book mar...

walao.. the egg so cute wan ar... keep the shell lar... make 1 small hole then take out the the egg and then the wash the shell and can spary colours lor... hehe

JJ Jason said...

Levian, you can do it too if u likes the book very much.
Jason, still ok lar. got time mah can lor.
Pikey, the one i read is the last one already lar. =.=
Dorkzter, u so slow :P and thx for coming!
Dexxie, movie one hor, they cut alot lor. Books are more details