Friday, November 30, 2007

I Love Donuts Cause I Am Nuts!

Usually you will heard this when the adults act as Santa Claus to make the children happy.
Christmas is coming soon but not yet.
This Post is to make you DROOL!
Yesterday, if you went to Gurney Plaza, you will see a lot of people gather around Manila Place there.
Look at these pictures.
Missy Donuts are available in Gurney Plaza now!
Reach Gurney about 1something, and bang into Benjipapa and chit chat a bit.
Chee Hsien was there for donuts too.
Then he told me:"ci lehz! the donuts only available after Eric Tsang cut the ribbons in the open ceremony at 2.30p.m
He got class at 2p.m to 3p.m and i didn't bring any cameras cause i never thought that celebrity will be there.
Then, i borrowed his DSLR and play around. He went to college for classes.
Before that, it was kinda early, so i went to Secret Recipe, and this time, i got my Chocolate Indulgence! Wheeee!!!!!
My light meal and CH's DSLR
Then i met up with Hung Wei, a funny and siao siao guy.
So we went to Missy Donuts and saw Joan & Cleo, they are with their friends.
The MenuThe yummy donuts is ready
Was waiting and waiting, until the main character of the day is there.
There he is, Eric Tsang
Have to pose 1st ok?Then....Celebrities always got benefits
Group Picture
It is time to enjoy free donuts!
When things come to be free.Before Eric Tsang Leave
I am just standing in front of him, HO! HO! HO!

The business start, so i queue for it.
When things come to you have to pay
This is my Glazed & Chocolate Power
Hung Wei choosed Glazed, both is nice.
Kinda sweet but I like it very much, had been carving for donuts long time ago.
This is my first time having this kind of donuts.
Then we bang into Benjipapa & Chee Hsien again, and i returned him the DSLR, T_T
After that, we went to Kim Gary Hong Kong restaurant and enjoy our Tea Time.
Thanks Hung Wei for the Tea Milk.
Then he went off.
I met up with Wendy, Abigail, Dexter and Willazz.
Chit chat a while, then I went off too.
Was a Happy Day =-)


Anonymous said...

OMG you get to meet Eric Tsang AND eat donuts! I'm so jealous!

miChi3 said...

the donuts nice or not?
I heard from vingie hor..
she said chee sien said tarak sedap punya wor..

JJ Jason said...

Bell, nice lehz? lolz!
Michie, it is nice if you eat it while it is still hot.
Chee Hsien ate the cold donuts, sure not nice lar.

Nick Chan said...

walau-a! why i am not there that time! nobody tell me. =( eric tsang !

JJ Jason said...

Nicholas, ask them for hot donuts!