Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Short Post For Something

Let's blog about my yesterday.
woke up at 7 something, straight away to my breakfast.
8.30a.m. Went to college for Revision of English class.
Too bad that next week i have to re-sit for the previous subject examination again.
It was IT and English paper. The class is until 10.30a.m then we dismiss.

11a.m. Principles of Marketing.
Another class by Huang Choo, Emily said so.
But his class is kinda nice, got jokes at least.
Was having Quiz, 20 objectives question, I think i did it badly.
Class was until 1p.m

Then went home for lunch, wanted to online and blog at home.
Too bad, no electric city.
End up watching DVD with my mini DVD player.

Went to class again at 4.p.m.
Practices of Management.
New lecturer, a malay girl. Good and funny.
Enjoyable class. Until 5p.m

Then 6.30p.m. Basic Entrepreneurship.
Same as the Practices of Management lecturer.
Was another enjoyable class.
The class ended at 8p.m and continue with Elementary Class.
Finally i finish my accounts assignment and passed up.
9.30p.m. Drove home.
Then walk like a crab, I was super duper tired.
That's all for this post.
Maybe some of you know why i do this short post.


dorkzter said...

hey im taking up business too. majoring in banking and finance. :D what are you majoring on? :D

JJ Jason said...

Dorkzter, i have to choose for my 2nd year.
now i am still considering.