Thursday, November 8, 2007

Day Out @ Gurney Plaza

Since today is Deepavali festival, public holiday or doesn't also not related to me,
cause i got no class on Thursday.
Bored afternoon, so i decided to hang around Gurney Plaza alone.
Was there around 2.00pm, then head to Popular.
Since this is my new semester, better get some stationery for myself.
So i went to Popular Book Store and bought quite a lot of stationery.
Then went to Wong Kok Restaurant for lunch.
Had the Fried Rice, too bad, the price raised, will be less going there.
Spotted something in the shop @ 4th floor.
To: Those people who don't likes my attitude or whatever.
Go away, stay away from me, and get out of my life!

Spent RM5 at Amusement Park, then came home.
Those are what I've bought for today.
Pencil Box RM7.80
Report File RM2.80
Lecturer Note RM3.70
Short Note Book RM3.90
2 Pilot S.Gel Pen RM4.50 *Value Pack
Mechanic Pencil + Rubber RM3.79 *Value Pack
3 Ruler RM1.30 *Value Pack
2 Ball Pen RM0.80 each

Lastly. Something that I like the most.
Popular Magazine.
Why I like the most?
Cause it is FOC (Free Of Charge).
Cheap people what?

And I like this too.
A souvenir from my cousin, he back from Sarawak so bought me this.
Free things always nice to me ^^


Anonymous said...

your cousin back from Sarawak bought you a whistle? Cheapness must run in the family... Haha!

JJ Jason said...

no lar, he bought a lot of things.
But i take tat whistle only,
it is quite cute mar.
I cheap but doesnt means my family cheap

Mischique said...

LOL..I feel so zha dou when I read that you like the Popular magazine because it's free. What la u!

JJ Jason said...

Brenda, i cheap mar,
not like u so expensive

aL said...

pop club magazineeeeeeeeeeeeee u oso wan meh?!

ganas sia. lol.

Desmond said...

i come from sarawak ler!

but how come i dunno got such things?

JJ Jason said...

aL, maybe can lap pi ku? lolz
Desmond, how i know u?
maybe my cousin went to find at those sua pah places lor.