Friday, November 2, 2007

What Will Your Rat Do If You Don't Feed Them?

Last night me, my sister and my mom was preparing to go out.
Then my sister checked her car and shouted : all the wires was bited by Rats!!!!!!
So she went to check everything included the engine.
This is the damages:
Left behind signal light doesn't function anymore.
Wiper's water could not flow anymore.
When you switch on the lights, the lights inside the car couldn't light up.
The belt was a bit damaged.
Radio couldn't function anymore.

Here are the pictures of my damaged car
The Broken PipeThe Broken Wires

So guys, please remember to feed your rats or whatever, before they do this to your car.
I am now in the repair shop, online here while waiting for my car.
Rats! you guys are so stupid stupid STUPID!!!!!!


aL said...

my friend kena once got snake in there. lol.

JJ Jason said...

Then is the snake well cooked?
lol, cause inside is hot wat? and i dont think the snake can survive while they are driving.

aL said...

hahahaha. i duno wor. din ask in detailed.

JJ Jason said...

maybe they ate the barbeque snake already, lolz