Thursday, November 8, 2007

Happy Happy!

As everyone know, it is now Deepavali Festival.
So Happy Deepavali to everyone and especially to those Indians friends.
Can send some delicious foods to my house? >_<
But i don't like spicy anyway.

Another thing is,
Happy Birthday To Colleen!!!
I guess u guys are celebrating and having fun at GLO now,
May all your wish come true and happy always ^^
Then first day met you was after the Queensbay outing with all the Shouters
Then i met u in Mag's Ikan Bakar stall, remember?
I never take pictures with you, but i guess next time we should take one, right?
Wish you all the best Colleen ^^


ColleenC said...

thankiew thankiew for the birthday wishes!!!
*muaxmuax* ^-^

JJ Jason said...

Colleen, u so late lar!!!!!!!!