Monday, November 19, 2007

I Want My Chocolate Indulgence!

A SUPER DUPER HOT Monday Afternoon.
I am melting in da house.
got class at 4.30p.m. but it is so early now.
Where did i went?
Penangnites, know where is it?
Which restaurant is this?
If you don't, then I think you guys should know what cake is this right?

Chocolate Banana!
Yes, i went to Secret Recipe.
Wanna do my account assignment there, and at the same time.
I am looking for my favorite Chocolate Indulgence!!!
But too bad it is all sold out.
After staring all the cakes for few minutes, i choosed Chocolate Banana.
Although the cake is not bad, I prefer Chocolate Indulgence.

Long time never cam whore, and i did it again.
Take 1
Take 2
Take 3
Take 4
Take 5
And the last one
After that off to my college.

You can just ignore this post if you don't like to see my face.
And i will say thank you.


Lasker said...

Tuuuu diaaaa ... look at the camwhore pics ...
Gam gam ho the moment I see it, it starts raining .. how how ?

Minny Chan said...

camwhore loh anakku :)
so proud hehehe
wei bila mau hang out ni?
i miss u ok!
we all miss u!!!

shirleeyw said...

Don't say like that lur. =D

JJ Jason said...

Lasker, before u see me here already raining lar, celaka Boss, :kungfu:
Mami, hehe, i learned it from u mah, lolz, go walk walk a while only also have to ajak mehz?
Shirleeyw, say like what ar?

shirleeyw said...
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shirleeyw said...

last sentence lor.LoL.If like to see your face one how? HaHa. Oh btw, love ur page's music. It's my phone alarm every morning. But I end up sleeping more.