Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I Am Getting Fat!!!

This recently more and more people telling me that i am getting fat again.
I cant imagine the previous me, when i am 100++kg, scary!!!!!!!!
I don't wanna back to that size!!!!!!
There for, i decided to diet again.
1st will be starve, like what i did last time.
2nd, i bought this one.
There are few ways of using it
I don't wanna back to this size ~_~
HELP!!!!!!! HELP!!!!! HELPP!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!


SaeWei said...

Aaarrrggghh!!!!!!!!!! NO MORE EATING NO MORE EATING!!!! Hehehe..

I bought that exercise thing before two.. Very excited at first.. After one week.. Lazy ady.. *swts*

Anyway.. good luck in keeping fit.. maybe it's because you long tarak go run in youth park ady.. So keep up the running yah.. :)

JJ Jason said...

SaeWei, i lazy to exercise liao mar
But my tummy getting more and more bigger, so i better do something before i get back to the previous size lor,
last time i was so scary ok?

Anonymous said...

is that red shirt u?
u better do ur excise often pal...

else if i still know u getting fat, I gonna skip reading ur blog

Anonymous said...

haha don't worry i really enjoy reading ur blog. it become habit visiting ur site haha

JJ Jason said...

KKzone dont boycott me and my blog ar!!!!!!!

michael said... was 100kgs last time o...couldnt believe u drop down to 7x...can u tell me how u make it ya? haha