Sunday, October 14, 2007

Asia 9 Emperor Festival 2007

Before I start this post, gonna apologize that all the pictures is quite blur.
Last two nights went to watch the 9 King God Birthday Parade.
I heard that there are other groups from other Asia countries too.
Ready for a lot of pictures ahead.
I was waiting in front of Prangin Mall, then i can see Komtar.
That time the sky is kinda dark and it is raining
Don't know why, the sky suddenly gone bright and the rain stopped
Getting more and more people aroundThese are all the Beautiful Cars that took part in the parade
There were few cars got stucked because their lights too high and cannot pass the bridge
This is the real looks, it is so long.
This is some close pictures of those gods from one of the car

That's all for that night.
P.S : sorry again for all the blur pictures, took them with my SE W850i


Chee Hsien said...

then the got stuck wan how ar?

JJ Jason said...

They reversed and take another way to get through there.

Dexter said...


so nice... beautiful