Thursday, October 4, 2007


After the high tea with the Shouters, then i went home.
Today my sister booked me, so i have to go with her.
But actually it is for me too, cause she and my cousins wanna treat me dinner.
The Shouters left to meet up with Sae Wei @ Gurney Plaza.
So i went home and bath, then wait for my sister coming back from Yoga class.
Don't really know why she likes to go for Yoga class, she told me she wanna diet and slim down,
but still don't have any changes on her even she learned for about one year already.
When we are about to go out, she told me that we are going to Gurney Plaza.
I am so happy that i can meet Shouters again, especially Sae Wei.
Then i left my sister to meet up with my cousins first, i went to find Shouters.
U guys really have to read Cedric's post about the stupid fellow @ Popular Book Store
I met them, and then Sae Wei handed me a pack of thing, she told me, Happy Birthday!
It is my birthday present from her.
Cedric told me : go home and enjoy your sex toy, oops!
Vingie told me : go home and sleep with it.
Emily told me : tonight you will be wet when u know what is that.
aL busy reading the Microsoft Excel Guide.
Next? we saw a jerk, that's why i ask u guys to read about that Cedric's post.
Just because he know the ex-manager of Popular, then he use the Mr.Wong's name to bully those workers and break the rules?
Popular have notice that everything is not refundable after sold out for 7 days.
That jerk knew it but purposely do it.
He picked chinese books and ask those popular workers to translate for him, then he bought it, and then he take it back to change another. Everytime! It is Everytime! not only once!

Then my sister called me and asked me to go meet them @ Kim Gary.
So i left Popular and bye to the Shouters and thanks again to Sae Wei.
I met up with my cousins and my lovely baby @ Kim Gary, and also Yee Keat, my lovely god sister.
After the meal, my sister and cousins ask baby to kiss me, and yes he did.
Then i went to cousin's house, and open they present from them but not Sae Wei's.
Cause i promised them.
I got a Mickey T-Shirt and 2 Jape T-Shirt from them.
The size of Mickey T-Shirt is XL, means it is too big for me, I am wearing L.
Another 2 T-Shirt is M size, =.="
i have to work harder to diet more, i can wear, but my tummy will pops out.
It went empty
These is what i got

Then me and my sister went back home.
The first thing to do after i reached home. Open the present from Sae Wei!!!!
Open it slowly and slowly~Guess what? i don't believe when i saw it. SHOCKED! SURPRISED!

Then it went Empty, Why?
Cause it is on my hand, The Front
The back

Then i straight away SMS Sae Wei and told her that i am all WET!
She asked me to have fun "pien pien" it.
So i start to play with it.
This is Jazz In Car's Look
Autobot Jazz



AaronWoolala said...

I want Optimus Prime!!!!!!

Lasker said...

Wahhh .. so happy gila ..
Your bday still come back and bite you in the pek pek even after its over! Wheeee

Saewei, great present oh!

JJ, when you wet right .. careful careful if not your Jazz karat .. swt

Horny Ang Moh said...

Wah!Happy b-lated b-day to you! Hemmm!!!Play with transformer can get wet arrr??? If really can get wet then I better buy one big transformer for my gf!! Then I don't have to rub rub here licky licky there to get her 'ready'! He! He! BTW tq for dropping at my 'hor ny' site! U r most wellcum! Have a nice day!

SaeWei said...

Hey Hey Ah Di..
Wet wet wet... but don't treat Jazz as Fatima Fong oh... Hahaha..

Really really glad that you like it so much :)


JJ Jason said...

Aaron, i am JJazz not JJoptimus Prime
Lasker, i happy gila already, wet already, lol
Horny Ang Moh, only me can wet for Jazz, ur case i got no idea :P
no lahz, it is not a sex toy, =.="

SaeWei said...

ok.. next year i give you a REAL sex toy hiek hiek hiek

JJ Jason said...

i dun wan!!!!!!!!

aL said...

glad you were wet. lol. HAHAHAHHAHA

i stil want u deeep deeeepppp! said...

this year sae wei give toy jazz,next year saewei give Honda Jazz lor!