Sunday, October 14, 2007

Paintball Or Painball?

Today was out with Shouters to the Paintball Event.
Attendant list: Lasker, Elise, aL, BenjiPapa, Cedric, ChefKHuen, Emily, JangHeng, Minny, Sae Wei, Satkuru, Vingie, Vingie's Brother, Wendy, Ralph, Willazz, Koolz and Sukidayo.
We played 5 rounds and it is kinda nice for my first time.
Know why i named it Painball?
Pictures will tell u.
I got so many Love Bites, nice right?
It is still ok for me, not so pain.
but i guess Koolz is worse than me, bleeding some more, pity.
Kim dropped by with Baby Bear and say hi to us, nice to see u again Kim!

Then we went to eat lunch, cannot eat their foods cause i am still a vegetarian.
So i went to packed some fried rice from vege hawker stalls.
After that we are heading to Queensbay Mall.

It is freaking jam that i have took about 30 minutes to get a carpark.
We met Colleen, Stephanie and miChi3 there, so nice to see them.
While waiting for another group, me, JangHeng and Wendy went to shopping.
Yamaha is doing some sales at the Ground Floor, so we went there lau juak a bit.
Then i saw this at the Ground Floor, that guy is damn awesome. Professional Drum Player.
Everyone is looking at him
Then we met up with another group, window shopping a while, they all was choosing shirts for me.
Thanks but, i am poor, so i just try to fit for fun.
After that, we went to have lunch again @ Breeks Cafe, my suggestion.
But i still cannot eat, so i just accompany them.
After the lunch, we dismissed.
So i sent Wendy home, her mom is keep calling her, Mr's Wong, lol.
It is a tired day for me, and my wallet still stopping me from doing anything.
Sigh, anyone introduce me any jobs?
I don't care porn star or slut model, anything that can earn more money and fix my timetable will do, lol.
Wait for the contact ya~!

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