Thursday, October 4, 2007

It Is My Lunar Date Birthday! *Part 1

Today should be the 13th August for the lunar calendar & it is my birthday again.
I have to follow my parents' tradition, but i don't hate it. Why?!
Cause i have delicious food! *evil~
This is the traditional food
"ang zao chicken mee sua"
Delicious chicken and mee sua cook with some kind of the hokchiew thingy and alcohol.
u can seldom find it, cause the ingredient of making the alcohol is illegal.
But my mom got the alcohol from my aunty.

*5 Minutes Later*

Something that i cant eat and don't like
Then i went to pay the maintainance fees for my dad's apartment.
1st, i went to the wrong building.
I was thinking about the Makahmah that i paid my insurance last time, then i went there and asked the security there some more, he told me it is not there.
So i called up my sister and scolded her some more, but then only i realise that i went to the wrong place.
2nd, reach the building that i suppose to be there.
Went up to the 5th floor & there are 2 office, i have forgotten which office i should go.
I went to the 1st office, passed the bill to the officer girl, she took it and ask her colleague and i wait outside.
Then she came out and told me. She said: ini bukan under kami punya company, kamu perlu bayar kat sebelah, just right beside our office.
So i quickily get out from the wrong office and run to the right one, MALUNYA!!!!! =.="

After that i went to Old Town @ New World Park meet the shouters again.
There are Vingie, Emily, aL and Cedric
As usual, we talk crazp again!
Today's funniest topic belongs to the war between Tua Pek Kong and Optimus Prime. =.="
Vingie was saying that her friends kidding and pray the Optimus Prime toys.
Then we started it and said that the Tua Pek Kong will fight with the Prime, LOL!!!!
sorry but i really cannot stop laughing when typing about this.
Coming Soon: Part 2, I am WET!

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