Saturday, October 27, 2007

Stupid Prank Call

Last few night went to beach with Shouters, but not going to blog about that.
I slept at about 5something in the morning.
At9something in the morning, i received a call from 019920xxxx, i picked up.
Me : Hello? *sounds blur, still sleeping*
The guy : Hello, lu nama xxxxxxx(my real name) kah? lu mia kereta nombor Pxx 21xx kah? lu kena saman kat Jalan Pulau Tikus sana.
Me : huh? i kena bayar kat mana? apa kesalahannya? *still blur*
The guy : lu pergi check online, boleh check kat internet.
Me : okok, nak.... *the call suddenly ended*
*back to sleep for a while*

Woke up around 10, went to my dad's shop then told my dad and my uncles about the call.
They start to scare me and make me worry.
Then i sms some Shouters and asked whether they know how to check summons online or not.
My dad and my uncles are still fooling me around.
At the end, i found out that the call is from my worker! He got a new number but i don't know.
Stupid him!
But i was curious about something too.
First, how did the cop know my real name.
Second, how can he related my name with the car? the car is belongs to my mother.
Third, why the cop called me with handphone?

Whatever, i just got fooled.
All i can say is, you stupid people!!!!
Bitch!!!!!!!!!!! Bitch!!!!!!!!! Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!


The J said...

Haha~ Funny funny.. Means actually the BIG BOSSes behind this "project" were your Dad and uncle?? Waliao~~ They thought it was April's Fool Day or wat ar? haha!..


Anonymous said...

haha u been punk!!!

Ricky Tan said...

good prank! :D

JJ Jason said...

Jason, it is my friend fooling me!!!!
KKzone, my friend lar, stupid one.
Devince, gud your head.