Saturday, October 27, 2007

Control Your Attitude

I guess everyone has their own and special attitude.
But please control yourself can you?
I don't mean to control everything of you, but at least give people some chances.
This is a few bad attitude that very common around all the people.
  • Only call someone and ask for help when you need.
Is this what we call friends? Should you do that to your friends? How you think he/she feel?
Friends are means to cares, loves, helps, but not to treat them like this ok? It doesn't means to contact your friends when you need him only, please care about their feeling.
  • Give bad comments when you had meals from some restaurants
This is really bad ok? If you know the foods is bad, just keep it to yourself.
Everyone can make mistake sometimes, so do I.
The workers in those restaurants still have to earn for their living, family, loans, etc.
If everyone keeps on complaining that the restaurant is bad and refuse to go.
What can they do for their living?
  • Sensitive towards sarcasm
When people are having some discussion about someone, it doesn't means that they are talking about you. Don't be too sensitive. At the end blame everyone that they back stab you, gossip bad about you. It is all because you are too sensitive!

The 3 bad attitudes just now will make you keep on lose your friends if you don't wanna change!
Especially the third one. Please awake and see what are you doing and brings what effect.
Be someone who is popular is a lot better than someone who people annoy ok?


Anonymous said...

Good observation JJ. Truth is not many people realise their own attitude problems. Everyone makes some kind of judgement of other ppl compared to themselves as a "sample". Sometimes it takes someone else to tell you how you are acting before you know it. And just the same, sometimes it takes a good friend (or several) to make someone else realise that their actions and words are hurtful. They may not want to admit, they may become angry at you and other friends, they may blame others for not being accepting of their personality, but if they care enough, they will make the necessary changes to become a better person. We, as friends who care, simply have to be patient sometimes... we do our part, and we wait.

Sometimes, things just don't work out the way we hope, and some friendships were just not meant to be... but we should always hope for the best, forgive and forget... That's how we hold on to our dear friends.

The J said...

For me, I have my own problems in attitude and behaviour myself so I rather not to complaint or comment on other ppl 'generally'.. Gossip.. Different case~ hahaha! Just kidding..

But kinda agree with you for the 1st point "Only call someone and ask for help when you need".. Hmm.. I have such friends definitely but of course I wont blame them.. But I will definitely ignore them ONE DAY sooner or later.. Just hope that we all can learn from what you said.. Friends are meant to care, love, help.


SaeWei said...

1) Selfish
2) Picky Over Food
3) Over-sensitive

1 & 3 is really bad because I rather have no friend than to have these kind of people as my freind.

2 I think is still okay because people pays fir the food with their hard earn money. And when they are not satisfy with the foods/services, they have to right to complaint rite? So it's up to the restaurant to correct their mistakes in order to get back the customers.

My two cents lor :)

JJ Jason said...

Bell, someone people they wont know that is their bad attitude and they just keep on repeating that. That will makes them lose friend.

Jason, friend is to share but not to use, that is why i wrote that.

SaeWei, we can complain, but not spread around like the whole restaurant is a piece of shit right?
At least give them face a bit mah.
They earn money also hard ar.