Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I Am Sick

Due to the title, yea i am sick right now.
I guess it is fever, i feel so hot in my body.
Feel like on fire, anyone can pour cold water on me?


dEvIlInE said...

aik? rest well ya...i cant pour water on you...but try to imagine that it is snowing....while listening to ur blog's song.....

snow snow snow everywhere :)

SaeWei said...

Got fever ady dont go pour cold water on yourself la. It'll make you feels worst. =_=' Bath with hot water instead.

And drink more plain water.

Anonymous said...

Take lot of lot of rest and stuff take panadol. Hope you recover soon man. Cheers!

Dexter said...

Get Well Soon~

JJ Jason said...

Deviline, i am very cool already.
Sae Wei, hahax, was just kidding...
U take care too ok? the weather is so bad, make everyone easy to fall sick.
Alistairs, TQ, i will.
U take care too!
Dexxie, TQ! u muz take care of urself too.
Thx everyone for caring me

Anonymous said...

get well soon ;)

Ricky Tan said...

get well soon :)

JJ Jason said...

KiriKuru!!! TQ!!!
Devince, Thanks to u too!!!
i am fully recovered wheeeeeeeeee