Saturday, October 27, 2007

See Pig Eat Papaya Before?

My dad's friend owns a piggie, he only take care of the pig for 2 months only.
But, the size gone so huge now =.="
Better take a look here.
I am not really dare to go near it, so scary ok?
It is so HUGE!!!
This is his another pet, cute
Pomeranian - Don't know it's name.


SaeWei said...

WOW!!! Your dad owns PIGS?? So cute man!! One day must bring me go there okay. I never seen a real piggie before.. I want i want i want :D

JJ Jason said...

Sae Wei, not my daddy lehz.
It is my dad's friend, so smelly lah that place.
Some more his pig so ganas.
open door niah wanna bang out liao.
luckily they got foods for it.