Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jamming With Skeleton

Was playing O2jam with Sc_Bone just now.
Here are some screen shots for all
Electro Fantasy HX3, I am damn noob ok?
See the result
Another game, Ecstasy HX3, saw me died?
The resultThen my favourite song, Sonata (Underground Remix)
Only with the result, i won! WHEEEE~~~~~
The last game, V3 (O2 Version)
At 1st i died.
But then Bone followed, i laughed at him some more
The result
Wish that i can play with Angeline and Chee Hsien too.
Bone told me that they are more professional.


conan_cat said...

lol... it's been moons since i last played o2jam, but i remembered the best song i can play back then is v3 lol. XD looks like you guys had great fun! :D

p/s: i think people who can go through the HD songs are real hardcore players that practice day and night just to play the song. @-o

Chee Hsien said...

me noob nia la... :P

JJ Jason said...

Conan! Join us!!!!
CH! u dun pura pura!!! Bone told me u and Angeline are damn pro!!!

Unknown said...

yea! as i know, CH damn pro! xD