Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Be Appreciative To Everything

Today I went to Gurney Plaza and watched The Magic Gourd.

I've learned some lesson through this movie.
It is kinda nice and quite touching, i love it.
Do you wish that u can do everything without doing it with your own hands?
Do you wish that all your wishes will come true?
Do you wish to get something without working hard to get it?

You can, if u have the Magic Gourd.
The Magic Gourd will full fill all your dreams and wishes.
You can finish everything without doing by your own hand.
You can have your dreams or wishes come true anytime.
You can get everything that you want without working hard.

But? Do you know?
You are learning while you are doing everything?
You will know how hard and what is the happiness to full fill your dream by you yourself?
You are working hard to earn, to experience, to face the troubles, and to learn what is independent?

I found a nice clip, let me share with you all.
It is ok if you don't know what is the meaning of those Chinese words.
I just want you guys to listen to the sound clip, it is so nice.
I will remove My blog's song, Kiss The Rain for a short period.

Do you know i miss you so much?
1 year already, we lost contact for one year already.
But i still cannot grab you out of my mind.
I got no idea, i feel so helpless and down.


dEvIlInE said...

the song is sweet. felt so at ease listening to it...

be strong jj ;) just be strong. one day u will find what uve been wanting for...i wish u luck :)


JJ Jason said...

free then we hang out again.
u have ur Bryan,
2 of u are so lovely.