Friday, October 12, 2007

A Stupid Misscaller

These few days received some stupid miss call.
08 October 2007, 12.11a.m.
Miss call from 012942xxxx

09 October 2007, 3.42a.m.
Miss call from 012942xxxx

This morning when i check my call list, i saw that fellow's number,
so i send him a short message.
Can i know u are?
Then that fellow miss called me.
So i send him another short message.
you are?
He/she miss called me again.
Then i send him message again.
If u don't want to tell me who u are, please stop miss calling me.

At first i thought this would end.
But i received his/her miss call again, i was getting pissed, so i send him the last message.
Uncle/Auntie or whatever u are, get lost please.

Luckily this is end up like this, or else i am going to call up that fellow and ask someone to scold him/her.
P.S : Vegetarian cannot scold bad words :)

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