Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Some Funny Faces & Pose

Last week was out with Shouters @ Old Town, New World Park again.
Funny face from Benjipapa

Act Cute Pose from a good boy but gone bad. Cedric

Next! The cute photographer. Wendy

M. C. Willazz. Still the blur look.

Next! Lick here lick there and lick everywhere! Cedric wanna lick but Wendy don't care about him

But then....They lick together. Oh, Sweat.
This last ugly guy's picture you can just ignore it.
Too bad, that i didn't take any pictures of Chee Hsien.
And too bad aL and Emily cant join us.


Anonymous said...

Aiyer Im so cute and geli sometimes. LOL!!!

Dexter said...


JJ Jason said...

Dexter, u seldom join us already.
Ced, u know u are, lolz