Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Doggie? Dollgie?

Last few days.
Was cleaning all my stuff and i found this.
a valentine gift from my ex-girlfriend
Then i help him / her to cam whore a bit. not sure about the sex.

After that i feel unsatisfied yet.
So i went to grab Sugar and cam whore for her.
Sugar can do it too

She is like so unwilling ok?
sure what?
who willing to let u catch and take pictures?
Hope she didn't bite me tonight.


Anonymous said...

Sugar so cute... so helpless lidat! Haha! make me wanna chew her nose!

Pike-chan said...

OMG~~ your Sugar is just soooooo~~ cute!!

JJ Jason said...

Bell, Sugar dun wanna let me take picture one, cause she wanna slp, lolz
Pikey, buy one doggie then camwhore too!